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10 Reasons Why to Choose Us?

  • Nutritious, Hygienic & Good Quality food, just the way we would like to eat. We use good quality raw materials for food preparation & ensure tasty & good quality nutritious food.
  • Door Step Delivery: Convenience at the comfort of the house. We deliver food to your doorstep. We can even facilitate distribution at various slum areas where we regularly distribute food to the poor & needy.
  • Time Saving - in the acquisition, and distribution. Now there is no need to hunt & bargain for Halwai, raw material, tent, tables, utensils, packaging material or cook yourself. Since the food comes in food-grade packed thali it is easy to distribute.
  • Easy to Distribute: Since the food is seal packed, it is easy to distribute. It saves a lot of your time in distributing, it saves the inconvenience of poor who have to otherwise stand in long queues, also you can distribute food on the go ie carry in your vehicle & distribute at the place of your choice.
  • Customised & Variety Menu options: You can customize the food menu, since we accept orders at least 1 day in advance & have specialized & trained cooks you can customize the menu as per your requirement.
  • Cost-Effective: Since most of our customers place orders for some good cause & have some charitable interests, we have deliberately kept reasonable pricing.
  • Environment-Friendly - Since packaging used is food grade & re-usable, many poor people carry the same with them to be reused.
  • Aspiration Value for Poor & Needy. Poor & Needy don’t have the means to go to restaurants or order food on Swiggy & Zomato, when they get food in such food-grade packaging they really feel so happy. The happiness when the poor get food in packed food-grade material is difficult to describe in words & so is the contentment you as a donor will get looking at happy faces is inexplicable.
  • Reusable packaging: Many Poor people take the packing to their home & reuse the same.
  • Easy to Carry & Consume Later: Many a times poor are not hungry at the time when you are distributing, so they can easily carry the food to their place & consume it later.